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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  October 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> ellen: anyway. . we begin with four headlines at 4:00. number one, weekend weather. it looks like rain may not be a problem for the next few days. two, placing blame. the man run tells news channel 8 the teen he hit should not have been in the street. three, improving your walk. see what city is getting a multimillion dollar bridge over a dangerous intersection. and number four, passport changes. find out what you will not be able to wear for your next official passport photo. good afternoon, everybody. i'm jen homway. thank you for joining -- jen
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forecast. >> thank you, jen. and this afternoon, much like we have been seeing the past few daysno rain on, not tracking any showers or storms. we have entered into the dry season now. here is the view from newport ritchie. no rain at this location and pretty much expect mostly dry conditions for us for the rest of this warm. we're in the mid to upper 80s. it is 89 in bradenton. 86 in tampa. sitting at 86 currently in inveerness. so a warm afternoon a nice breeze coming in out of the northeast to help cool you off a little bit. notice the winds at 10 to 15 miles per hour. we have seen gusts up to 20 at times, close to 30. in brandon as of the last check. we'll expect that to continue
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football for the friday night blitz. at kick-off, just a stray shower is possible. talking about rain chances less than 10%. most of these games should go on just fine. nice quiet conditions, and a nice night overall. by the time we're leaving the game, we'll be in the mid 70s. for the rest of the evening, expect things to look nairly quiet. when you wake up tomorrow morning, you'll be in the low 70s, topping out in the upper 80s by weekend forecast coming up in a couple of minutes. jo a memorial sits where ashley was hit on wednesday night while trying to cross hillsboro avenue. the driver who hit her never stopped. the florida highway patrol
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blamed her for the accident. >> she ran into the president of my vehicle, you know what i mean? there was nothing i could do. nothing you could have done or anyone else. it was just she made the decision to apparently run across a busy highway in the dark, no cross section. and that was the unfortunate tragic consequences, her dying. >> reporter: highway patrol confirming she was crossing walk so had he stopped, he probably wouldn't have even got an ticket. in hillsboro county, news channel 8. well, a plant city driver accused of slam ing into a lakeland home is facing a judge today. bond for ryan tall season now set at more than $150,000. we're now told that talent was wasted behind the wheel when his truck flew off of fitzgerald road yesterday
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bedroom. the 76-year-old janice folds died instantly. the 24-year-old suspect has a long criminal record, including a dui back in 2009. also in court today, wild west hogs. a man accused of kidnapping a 4- year-old polk county girl. the judge set bond for the man. if he posts that bond, he will also have to wear a gps monitor. he was transported back to florida from tennessee just yesterday. he along with little earlier this week. legoland is back open today after a bomb scare shut down the park. the threatening note also forced the evacuation of the legland hotel. by late afternoon, the winter haven police gave an all clear that means that the hotel guests were allowed to return. the officials will work with the park to either reschedule their tickets or get a refund. winter haven police are still investigating where that note
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florida's mail-in ballots are in the hands of voters right now, but here is the question. are they legal? we explore this controversy from our capital bureau. >> reporter: should your mail- in ballot vote get thrown out because your handwriting has changed? the state and national and democratic parties don't think so -- and they took their case t that people with mismatching signatures are given the same chance to correct it that people with missing signatures on mail-in ballots. >> there is no reason to treat those two categories of voters differently. >> reporter: the same judge in this case ruled earlier this week to extend florida's voting registration deadline. today's upcoming tuesday, because of hurricane matthew. reporting in tallahassee. well, the trail along the
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pedestrians and bicyclist whose want to cross over at bay shore boulevard. the d.o.t. just awarded the city of clearwater $1.4 million in grant money. it is planning on building an overpass as well as bay shore. >> that section, if you travel down the courtney campbell causeway, you know how busy that section is. rites now what the pedestrians and bicyclists have to do is push a button, d seconds to get across. >> reporter: and this new overpass is part of a major project to connect the trails. the engineers are working to come up with a new design. and all of this is very interesting. beginning november 1, you can no longer wear glasses in your u.s. passport photo. the state department just announced that it is now banning pass worths and visa applicants from wearing eye
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photos. the change will help eliminate glares and shadows that can lead to delays in processing. last year more than 200,000 people the submitted poor quality photos. you may soon find mickey mouse on your bag of apples or ironman on your bunches of fresh broccoli. guess who is going into the produce business? all of that and more, next. plus, it is the friday night blitz. we're hosting a spirit rally say the least. find out why this football game is supporting and sporting sibley rivalry that is next on
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now for your consumer watch at 4:00, if you're somebody you know what has a honda, they're
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civic coups and sedans. aparently the problem is all because of parking brake issues. if the parking brake is not working properly and the driver does not put the car in park, the vehicle can reportedly roll away. honda says it will repair the vehicles for free. and as if it couldn't get any worse for samsung, the south koreaian electronics giant is now predicting as much as $3 billion in operating profits simply going up in smoke over the this all after it ditched the exploding galaxy note 7. it is one of the biggest and most expensive in history. and your local produce aisle could soon look like you're at the movies, dole and disney have teamed up to launch new co-branded fresh produce. it will be featuring iconic characters from disney, pix ar, "star wars," even marvel. it is all an effort to support parents as they encourage kids
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that new produce will be available this fall. and coming up, we'll get a closer look at your first at 4:00 weather and several new movies are in theatres this weekend, including a new ben affleck movie. we're going to have a box office preview right after weather. and coming up in first at 4:00 sports, a big opening night win for the lightning. find out what they say is the secret to their success. you can also get developments on all of today's biggest stories with bay's most convenient prime time newscast. it is every weeknight over on great 38 at 8:00 p.m.
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afternoon for the bay area. you can see that as you take a look on max defender 8. not much to talk about in the bay of rain. it is going to be a quiet evening. you currently see nice and quiet conditions across the entire tampa bay area. here is the view from venice. 86 degrees with fair weather clouds around. our winds fairly light coming in out of the east-northeast at five to 10 miles per just a few couple l.s.u. clouds around as well. for the rest of this evening it is going to stay petty warm. the temperatures are still in the 80s for most of us. we'll be left with partly cloudy skies. a slim chance at 10% or less. lots of sunshine to begin the day, but already we're a little bit on the warm side, starting off in the low 70s like we did this morning. by the afternoon hours, we'll top out in the upper 80s.
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overall looking great. there is a slightly higher chance that you could see a few afternoon showers and storms popping up. still looking at pretty dry air around. that bright red color you see is the dry air in the atmosphere. that has been what is preventing the showers. that's why it has been nice and quiet. heading into this weekend, it does change a little bit. not much rain. the northeastly flow continues. when you wake up tomorrow morning, it should be a pretty quiet start to the day and then as we hours, notice isolated showers and storms moving across the bay area. calling for just about a 20% chance of rain a lot of us are not going to see any. don't be surprised if you do see a passing shower with the rain chances being higherment sunday morning, there will be a dry start again a little warm to begin the day and by the afternoon hours, we'll bring back up our rain chances to around 20% or so. heading into next week, they drop back down to 10% so pretty
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you will be lucky if you do see some rain. hurricane nicole, the only thing in the tropics. max winds at 80 miles per hour, still making it a category one storm. 18 measure. again, not going to be impacting the u.s. besides maybe slightly higher surf along the coast. this hurricane season has been a busy one. check out the numbers. 14 named storms so far this season. we have seen six hurricanes and three major hurricanes. it has been not over just yet. for rest of this weekend, again, those rain chances near 20%. dropping back a bit into the start of next week and then by the end of next week, we'll raise our rain chance as bit and we're watching for the potential to see our next cold front roll through. so by the following weekend we could actually be seeing some cooler, even more fall like temperature which is, hey, will be a nice change. >> by cold front, you mean lows in the 60 ? no probably, yes a
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is possible. >> thank you. we appreciate that. looking for movie this weekend? we have a preview of what is now showing. >> this guy risks his life. i'm cooking the books for some of the scariest people ton planet. >> a cpa's ocd could make him k.o. -- doa in "the accountant." his beautiful mind makes him employee of the more to the most dangerous criminals and it. it is rated r. kevin hart is a high roller in "who now." the comedian follows up his 2013 concert film with this offering which was filled in a 50,000-seat stadium in philadelphia. it is rated r. >> the wife works for you. >> no, she is the boss. >> who running the world? girls and certain women. four women at odds with a male dominated society and it is
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patience and determination for them to define themselves with the expectations. >> you can use your energy in many different ways. >> "max feel." a teenager discovers his body can generate energy resulting from experiments done by his missing father, so when he teams up with a space robot baby sitter, they become a powerful force ready to take on inevitable evil. it is rited pg-1. that is the box office preview. to the movies, there are a whole lot of other things going on in the bay area this weekend. if you are looking for something to do, 8 on your side, guess what? we have answers for you. joining me now with the weekend buzz is katie summers from 99.3 w. f. l. z. >> you look awesome. you look awesome. >> you are always sexy dressed. >> why thank you! >> i like it. >> tell us what is coming up? what can we expect for the
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coming off the win, we have another lightning game. the new jersey devils. you can still get tickets. they start at $20. sunday, a transition. we have amy schumer. an the tickets are still available. those are like $25. >> what about if you're looking for something scary for october, halloween? >> i'm all about that. i want like leggings, pumpkin spice lattes and creatures of the night is at the zoo. and this is a not so scary the animals into the radio station it was so cute? >> really. >> a screech owl and a take ranch la. i said keep it there. and it is not so scary. >> all right. >> and i'll take that. keep them away. >> this is the farm in bradenton. this is the 25th annual. this is like what you think of fall. pumpkin patch.
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vendors. it is like $10 do get in. saturday and sunday from -- oh, they start at, i have this time, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ?oo. very family fiendly. >> and thank you so much. >> thank you. >> that is your weekend preview. in the meantime we're teaming with the station, 99.3, during high school football season. >> and let's go local high school football! absolutely. we're bringing you the friday night blitz spirit rally. as of right now prepping for an epic bat well their own cross town rivals plant city. and we explain why these students are not just playing for more than just school pride. we are out here at plant city high school and, as you can see, the kids are so excited, it is a sea of orange. this is a crosstown rivalry game between plant city high
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school pride. they are playing for the redman cup which has a pretty interesting story. >> the two principals at the rival high schools have a whole lot more in common than just their job title. and the principals are sisters. >> friday night we'll be on opposite sides of the field. but we'll walk over and talk to the other one. i spent time ton grant side an side. >> it is a good rivalry. we always tend to play harder, step up our game. >> reporter: tonight it is a battle between two teams ton gridiron and two sister force the james l. redman cup, named after their late father, a die hard football fan. as for who will take home the cup tonight? >> if history repeats itself, plant city has won it six times and grant has won it three so
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tonight at 7:30 and we'll see who gets to take home the redman cup for another year. news channel 8. >> now let's check on your first at 4:00 sports with mr. dan lucas. i'm guessing you're going to talk about lightning. first of all, those students at plant city this morning, that is a huge rivalry, by the way. plant city, durant. we have a few massive games tonight on the fridays night blitz, nt rant and plant city. by the hockey team, how about those bolts, huh? one win in the books and it was fun one for any lightning fan who made it out to the arena or watched on television. for all of the good things that came out of that 6-4 win, there is one aspect of the lightning's performance that is off to a roaring start, and that's the power play.
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they converted barely 15% of their opportunities all season. last night the bolts scored three power play goals on six attempts. 50% on six power plays that is through the roof. and for one night a one-time problem looks like it has found a solution. >> well, i think we have been working on a lot in the preseason. we talked about it. we had to have better execution. it wasn't acceptable what we did last season. and i thought we did a pretty can roll out there and they're both dangerous, it is pretty potent because regardless of who we throw out there, a pretty dangerous group. >> we have three goals ton power play. and it is huge for our confidence and we're all getting traffic and shots. >> the tampa bay storm find themselves in a very awkward position today. they are one of just four
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case of the orlando predators shutting down. this morning the a.f.l. released a statement saying the league will press on and seek expansion in cities with established pro sports franchises. but right now it does not look good for the arena football league in 2017. now, the storm operate under the umbrella of the amly arena and the tampa bay lightning. the expansion has the backing of the nhl's washington capitals. so that's helping -- i wouldn't them stay afloat cutting their costs. >> is there any chance they can survive? >> the arena football league has a history of financial issues and problems. they shut down in 2009. there was no season. they came back strong, had expansion. now this business model has failed. i don't know how the league survives this. there is a competing league. the indoor football league which has taken many of the teams from arena football, they are getting ready for a massive 2017 so this is not good right
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that's what i want to know. four teams right now. yeah, it is not good. >> we're going the lean on you for the answers, danny.
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right now for headlines at 4:30. the florida supreme court just ruled a death sentence require as unanimous jury. today the court struck down a newly enacted law allowi death as long as 10 out of 12 jurors recommended it. that decision, it immediately puts florida's death penalty sentencing law in limbo. >> starting today you can bring home all of the cuban cigars and rum you want. they are lifting the decades old $100 limit on cuban rum and cuban cigars brought into the united states from cuba and other countries. however, you cannot order cuban
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them shipped to your home. number three today, a close encount were a great white shark off the coast of mexico is now going viral a man who manage as youtube channel caused gabe and garrett posted this video yesterday. yikes! it shows this shark breaking an underwater diving cage. the diver inside the cage at the time, well, thank godness, he managed to escape. we're told hurt. four today, floodwater from hurricane matthew. it continues to rise in parts of north carolina. this is the town of princeville that sits on the tar river that river crested earlier today. noaa officials believe that small creeks and straps surrounding the nearby rivers are now backed up and there is nowhere for the extra water to go. well, cold and flu season, it is officially here leaving a lot of us trying to spot those
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sick. today nbc's jeff rossen and his team set up a little challenge for us hitting three big cities, also testing public transportation in every city. what spots were the cleanest and what spots were the dirtiest? jeff tells us he has never seen results quite like this. >> reporter: we're hitting the road in chicago. >> taxi! >> reporter: in los angeles, and new york city. swabbing for ges buses and trains. where will we find the most germs and the least? armed with our official bacteria meter, we're about to find out. first up, new york city. i'm swabbing this bus poll. >> you think of all of the people who grab on this this every single day. health experts say any reading
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oh, no. 195, nearly double the bacteria limit you want to see. all of those people all day and they're not wearing gloves. let's see if we have better luck in this new york city taxi. >> it is grimy. all right. let's test this seat, shall we? 62 on the seat, which is below that magic 100 number. within acceptable bacteria limits here. go, new york city! and i'm nervous because we're about to test the place with th >> and just a guy swabbing for germs with latex gloves on. there are weirder things that have happened on the new york city subway today. time for the moment of truth. 31. i am really blown away by this one because i thought this would definitely be dirty, but it is totally clean. in new york, two out of three surfaces we test are clean. but now let's take this challenge to los angeles. no here is the l.a.
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dirt on the swab. i don't know what it is going to come out with. that is visible dirt. >> 189. the pole, really dirty. not going so well in l.a. but what about the germs above ground on this l.a. city bus? 259 on this bus pole. teeming with bacteria. gross. think that is bad? watch what happens when i swab this cab's credit card machine. more than three times the bacteria level you want to the surfaces we test in l.a. all dirty. we shared our results with nbc medical contributor dr. john torres. exposure to this bacteria virus can make you very, very sick and it is simple how fast kit happen. you touch the pole, you wipe your nose, you wipe your eye and bam, you're sick. >> reporter: but we still have one more city to go and these results are the most surprising of all. >> come on, chicago buses! >> reporter: chicago calls itself the cleaner new york,
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remember, anything over 100 is a fail. 730. this is -- and things are about to get much worse in this chicago taxi. >> oh, look at that. the highest reading so far of all of the cities. 909 that's more than nine times the acceptable limit of back tear yeah it is there. but the biggest surprise of brace yourself. >> you wouldn't believe it if i didn't show you. 4,032. i have been doing germ tests for a lot of years with this device and i have never, ever seen a number so high. stay away from this pole. sorry, chicago. the surfaces we tested, the dirtiest of all. what kind of illnesses are we talking about here? >> you can get a cold which is very common. during the flu season you can
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you touch the pole, you touch your face, you can get it. >> if you're saying yuck, you're not the only one that is jeff rossen reporting. in the meantime, how do you a avoid getting sick this season? doctors tell us if you have cuts and scrapes on your hands in particular, bacteria can get in easier. be sure to avoid touching your face before watch washing your hands thoroughly. and now here is your meteorologist with max 8. julie? absolutely gorgeous out for us this afternoon, jen. and this is the spot you want to be in this afternoon. jaw few clouds around sitting at 83 degrees. no rain at this location and it is pretty much dry across the entire tampa bay area right now. here is the view from downtown from our tower camera at our station. 86 degrees at this point. the dew points in the mid 60s. and when we talk about the mid 60s, that is generally humid
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hot, still in the afternoon hours. the winds coming in from the northeast at five to 10 miles per hour. over the next few days, the temperatures are going to be staying right near or right above average for us. tomorrow we're back up into the upper 80s, so kind of a hot afternoon, and looking good as we head throughout the rest of this weekend and into the start of next week. great beach weather, unfortunately, though, still dealing with red tide in parts of pa kneel is. we'll have more on >> thank you. in the meantime, jeff's kidneys were failing. he said it was very scary not knowing if he would wake up the next day. very scary thinking he would have to face one other day, a grueling day, of waiting, wishing and wondering. after months of dialysis, three days a week, four hours a day, his family went with him as they learned about the agonizing process of getting a donor and often three to five
4:38 pm
said she was not going to allow that. >> i'm sorry. i'm cone being a whiner. >> and mooner. >> dad, i found you a kidney donor. >> i you a match. her name is rachel. >> when? >> rach until. >> who is rach until. >> me and my wife just saw it and we were crying. we hugged kim and -- >> talk about the power of social media. jeff's daughter kim found a donor an facebook. it is a girl kim only passed in the halls in high school, but guess what? she was an exact match. on august 10 at henry ford hospital, rachel gave jeff her kidney. i eyed give her the world, if i
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>> and jeff was feeling better just a couple of hours after the surgery. he is expecting to be off most of his medications in just one month. coming up, see the trending video of jimmy fallon and kevin hart touring the scariest haunted house they could find. and then you want to stick around for these 8 on your side stories. a pa kneel is veteran faced a years' long wait judge. that all changed when 8 on your side got involved. a state senator calls it a case of the fox guarding the hen house. news channel 8 explores the relationship between cab companies and the head of the public transportation commission that was set up to regulate them. >> our friday night game of the week takes us to the indiansment i'll show you how their opponent is scoring more
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. let's talk about babies and music. did you know that all babies, even your grand babies, are born with the potential to become musical? let's explore that category. ed on your side has answers. joining us today, the psychologist and her beautiful >> say hi? >> and her second tv appearance, i believe. >> that's right. say hi! >> how is music fun for kids? >> first of all, music is fun do you want to show how fun? there you go. good job! good job sharing. >> it is fun, it is comforting and it is soothing and it is get for their brain development.
4:44 pm
>> classical, nursery rhymes and -- >> oh, babies to music to class. >> when you have a child in your womb, can you put music on and they hear that music? >> absolutely. >> they get accustomed to it? >> ill of the research shows if you have the music pressed up to the belly and they hear it and you take them to music class, even when they are four months old, they are shown to be more creative, self esteem, expression, and it in all of the areas of the brain development. >> so math and cognitive ability. that is a big deal. >> and it could even raise their i.q. >> what? >> because it touches -- >> it is all good. >> part of their brain and it helps them with problem solving, conflict resolution, social bonding. thank you for dropping that. that's what he does now. you can take pots and pans. you don't have to just get toys
4:45 pm
of music you'd recommend for babies like hanna? >> i would say you need to play all types of music for them and see where they want to dance and clap. every baby unfewtively goes do different types of music so you want them to self express and do what they feel inside. that is important. don't project your own music on them, but let them do what they want to do. >> i think she likes punk rock, 1970ha i'm just saying. we're going to figure out what kind of music she likes. >> she likes making a mess of music. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and remember, music is good for your babies. meanwhile, over to weather. j max defender 8 showing you on this friday afternoon, it is quiet across the tampa bay
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as we head into this upcoming weekend, here is what we're looking at. about a 20% chance of rain each afternoon and evening. the rain chance also go up a little bit. otherwise looking at warm afternoon temperatures back up into the mid to upper 80s. a lot of football games going on this weekend. usf, 82 degrees, playing in tampa. 20% chance of rain for that game. the gators playing in gainesville, 84 degrees. partly cloudy. great football weather. fsu, partly cloudy and wake forest. the u. playing north carolina in miami. 84 degrees. you may have a few showers and storms around. u.c. d, 20% rain chance in orlando. as we head into the rattlers, 65 degrees in dover. beautiful fall-like temperatures there. now, for us for the rest of this evening it is going to stay pretty quiet. rain chances at or less than 10%. a light breeze continuing waking up tomorrow morning, we're in the low 70s.
4:47 pm
bringing back the isolated shower and storm chance. for the rest of this evening, not much rain around. waking up tomorrow morning. it will be a great start to your weekend. and then by the afternoon, it may be a little different. it whether feel muggier and also we'll see a few more showers and storms developing with slightly deeper moisture moving in. sunday, a similar story. a dry start and then about a 20% start and afternoon sure and storm chance. as we head into more into that pollen season. we're generally in in the moderate range for the pollen count. and thankfully in the tropics, hurricane nicole in the atlantic. the advisory just came in. winds at 75 miles per hour. not going to be impacting land, though. so for us, isolated rain the next two afternoons for the weekend. the temperatures are going to stay pretty warm, especially tomorrow. we're back up into the upper 80s. we'll head into next week and
4:48 pm
thursday, friday. notice the higher rain chances, and, yes, the morning temperatures back into the 60s. >> and the higher rain chances are not at 50% and 60%ment we're in the 20s and -- 20% and 30%. >> yes. >> it is not so bad. >> great forecast. stay with us. we'll be right back with more first at 4:00! et, come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped fall milk shakes at half- price... ...during half-price happier hour, weekdays, now two to five...
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this is definitely the season for haunted houses, and last show"" with jim ill fallon, jimmy and a few of his friends, including comedian kevin hart, strapped on go procameras and they walked through what some say is the scariest house in new york city. check it out. >> not bad. i get it. i get it. >> it is like a thing a snake
4:52 pm
you're making it worse, man. >> hey, give
4:53 pm
>> hey, jimmy. i'm fine. >> oh! >> come on, brother. i don't know what type of freaky stuff you're into, but you have to stop. oh. oh. okay. >> no. no. >> oh! >> come back! >> jimmy has all of the cash. >> shoot. >> my bad. my bad. snee go ahead. >> i can't see it. >> be careful.
4:54 pm
[ screaming ] [ screaming ] [
4:55 pm
>> if you guys watch this at any point, i'm going to claim i'm an actor. i am acting. >> scaredy cats! at last check that video has 12 million hits on youtube. "the tonight show" starring jimmy fallon airs weeknights following news channel 8 at 11:00 p.m. coming seeing things, martha stewart and snoop dog? that's right. they're doing a tv show together. it is called potluck dinner party. that's right. potluck. we'll tell you more when we return in just three minutes. next, a tragic accident and an unforgiving suspect. >> she ran into the path of my vehicle. >> what he said to 8 on your side about the victim.
4:56 pm
down, next. >> closed captioning is sponsored
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>> well, you know her as a business and lifestyle guru. you know him as a hip hop guru. now, martha stewart and snoop dogg are teaming up for a new vh1 tv show. it is a weekly dinner party billed as cooking, cocktails, and conversation, with off limits. the promos are ready and they are trending on social media right now. in the meantime, to see somewhat getting up to date here on and your latest updates on news. here are jen and keith with the latest at 5:00. >> right now, on newschannel8 at 5:00. >> shocking comments and accused hit and run driver sounds off about the teenage victim. >> another day, another fiery
5:00 pm
of gross behavior. >> and upheaval in florida's legal system. the big change on the way to the death penalty and now it is decided. good evening, i'm jennifer leigh. >> i'm keith cate. the man accused of hitting an killing a high school student believes it was her fault. troopers slapped the cuffs on 56-year-old nicholas constantino and charged him with that resulted in death. chip osowski spoke with him one on one. so chip, what did he have to say? >> reporter: he had a lot to say, actually, he just kept talking. i want to show you, this is the makeshift memorial near where the accident happened. the driver me he knew he hit something. he just didn't know what it was. so he pulled over a few blocking from here to check the damage. if you can believe this, he proceeded to file an insurance claim. >> it is a tragic accident.


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